This article is about the three steps to earn reviews and grow your business. The first step recommends automating sending a review link to a customer. By doing this, it leaves your company with a higher chance of someone reviewing your business. The second step is easy and convenient feedback forms. By making feedback forms easier, it will make a customer more likely to fill it out since it is not too many questions. The third and final step is to have better reputation management with positive feedbacks. By having an AI reputation tool, it will be easier to maintain a high business reputation online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use an organised way of reaching consumers for their feedback and more reviews
  • Creative feedback forms increase the chances of getting more reviews from consumers
  • Companies hold a chance to turn their negative reviews in smooth and convincing manner

“A product or service with good online reviews gain furthermore customers. A single bad review however can be detrimental for the business reputation.”

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