Co-schedule offers a free set of tool kits helps you market for your business. You can grab the templates and customise the templates. You even get instructions for each item that you are trying to create. You will find templates for goal tracking, SWOT analysis, brand voice, marketing tactics and more.

They even provide you with an audience persona template where they explain how you can get details on your average customer by using Google Analytics, customer surveys and Quora.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 37 templates are an invaluable asset for all businesses seeking to improve their marketing efforts.
  • The free templates can be customised, and cover major topics from marketing strategy to an editorial style guide.
  • All the templates have attractive formats, and everything is clear and user-friendly.

“With this template, you can plan all of your projects and campaigns in one place. The lists below each calendar month give you a place to dig into the details of your projects and assignees.”

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