The System In More Detail

When it comes to implementing the system, we do break some or the elements into sub groups, so we can:

  • Implement chunks as required by your business.
  • Do what's important first and start generating leads.
  • Implement in a logical order. For example some parts of the search engine optimisation process take 6-12 months to drive results, and most business need some results faster than that.

The short video below outlines the basic order of the steps.


So when we're looking at local marketing and SEO in the context of the Five R Marketing System, we break a couple of them into different elements and we do the reporting first because it's important to understand exactly what's going on right from the beginning.

Reporting First

The reporting element has a number of steps to it to it. 

We then deal with an element Reach because of some there's an initial important parts of Reach because most businesses need traffic. And you need traffic before you get more customers. So Reach is quite important.

And then with your existing customers Reputation as a foundation element of this of the marketing system it has impacts on:

  • Your website (conversions),
  • Advertising success,
  • SEO as reviews contribute to rankings
  • And other parts of Reach.

So we do that after reporting and generating leads.

We then address the second phase of Reach.

We then look at Resell, upsell, cross-sell and retention processes,  because it's very important to be able to get much as much as you can out of the existing customer base you have.

Finally we look at Referrals and try to enhance that.

Last of all we look at the third phase of Reach which is effectively link building - a very powerful aspect of SEO.

So What?

You need a marketing system in order to generate a consistent flow of leads, convert them to customers and maximise the value you get from the customers.

This is for you if:

  • You are a growth minded owner of a local service business
  • You want to get more business from local home owners
  • You are prepared to commit a realistic marketing budget (around $1,000 a month) to making your business grow.

Book a strategy session to find out how our 5R Marketing System can help grow your business.

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