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6 Tips To Convert A Plumber’s Mailbox Drop To An Effective Lead Funnel

6 Tips to convert a mail box drop to a lead funnel

Example Mailbox drop from a Sutherland Shire PlumberI got this in the letter box recently from a local Sutherland Shire plumber. It got me thinking about how a letterbox drop like this could be made more effective for this plumber, and for other home service business owners.

It could be a valuable lead and customer generating marketing activity.

Why Is It Important To Get Letter Box Drops Right?

Most plumbers, electricians, pest controllers, air con contractors, and other home services businesses,  rely on word of mouth referrals to get new customers. For many it’s their only source of customers. I believe you should have several lead generation engines that you can count on for growth over and above word of mouth referrals.  Letterbox drops could be an excellent way to get a flow of new leads into your business.Continue reading

22 Critical Elements Your Pest Control Website Needs in 2016

Pest Control Websites - 22 Critical Elements You Need

Mitch and Adam are in the local pest control business. They both offer similar services – you know…commercial and domestic, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs and the like and they both work in the same basic area in western Sydney.

Adam is flat-out. He gets a constant stream of new customers and phone calls, and he’s looking to put on another ute to service the new business he’s getting. He makes good profits because people don’t nickel and dime him over everything and he converts 6 in 10 new phone calls into customers.

Mitch, on the other hand, is becoming a dab hand at fishing. And his wife is wondering if he should just give up this running your own business lark and get a real job. He’s even started talking to real estates to rustle up some business. Even though they take out all his margin and pay him nearly two months after he’s done the job.

So what’s the difference? Continue reading

4 Online Reputation Lessons You Can Benefit From Today

This is an excellent article about developing your online reputation. As a home services business – plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaning, air con and the like, knowing how your customers are feeling about your service is so useful – both for knowing you are doing business right and what your customers might say about you to others. Getting your reviews online is also important.

Why is it important? Well depending on which survey you see, somewhere between 75% and 90% of consumers read online reviews when considering a purchase. A slightly smaller number of us trust online reviews as much as we trust recommendations made by people that we know. Continue reading

How To More Than Double Your New Customer Flow In 2017. Pull The Reputation Marketing Lever.

Use reputation marketing to 3.5X your lead flow

Five Major Online Marketing Shifts Affecting Home Services Businesses

Are you are running a home services business? A business like pest control, carpet cleaning, air conditioning or plumbing and electrical? Then this article will help you boost your lead flow and conversions in 2017 – by up to 3.5X. This blog post was first published in 2015. I have updated it with recent survey data. Especially Brightlocal’s, 2016 consumer survey.

You may not have spotted it, but there have been some big online marketing changes. These can boost or kill off your lead and customer flow.

And when you get to grips with the changes, it can put you in a position to crush it when it comes to getting new customers. All at the expense of your competitors.Continue reading