Picture of Vossey and text Get Your Carpet Cleaning Google Ads To Work

Getting relevant traffic to your carpet cleaning website is a critical component of generating leads and booking jobs for your business.

Now Google Ads or Google Adwords as it was formerly know is a vital way for many carpet cleaning businesses to generate relevant traffic traffic and leads to their business.

But how do you do it properly? How do you make sure it's working effectively for you? And what are the key things that you should be doing to make your AdWords work effectively.



As I’ve said you need to get relevant traffic to your website to get leads. Everybody in the business knows that and Google Ads is a really important lead generating option for carpet cleaning business owners.

There are lots of people who are searching for a solution to a problem they have – including getting clean carpets. They go to Google they search for the solution and they see Google Ads. That’s the whole premise of Google Adwords or Google Ads. That’s why Google make so much money out of it because it’s a great business that generates leads.

Carpet Cleaning Related Search Volume

Right across Australia there’s about 47,000+ searches a month searches for relevant carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning etc. Terms that you could be getting part of. So the volumes are there and the searcher intent to buy is there you just need to be able to participate in a profitable way to make sure that you get some leads and some jobs.

Problems You Might Have With Google Ads

Now this is how you might feel about Google Ads because carpet cleaning owners have said to me.

  • “I’ve tried it it didn’t work. It just burned my money”.
  • “The biggest problem is the cost. You have to keep spending three or five hundred bucks a month for months and I’m just not getting any results”.
  • “It’s in the digital space. I don’t understand how it all works. It used to be fairly good in the old days… buy a big expensive yellow page ad and it did the job. But really that’s been phased out”.

So the reality is that while Google Ads is a great place to get leads for carpet cleaning business owners Google Ads is a highly competitive space and there’s a fair bit of work that needs to be done to make sure that you can generate profits from it.

Adwords Mistakes 

The mistakes I often see are.

  1. The basics of good Google Ads account set up are not done and that would help you immensely right from the start. I’m going to carry on and talk about more of that shortly.
  2. There’s not enough time spent and getting it right so many business owners think that ‘I need leads tomorrow.’ and set up an ad account go rip, shit and bust and then blow their dollars and don’t spend enough time effort and energy getting it right. My own opinion is you need at least two or three months to make it work properly and to work through the space and get it to work the same time.
  3. There’s no learning process is part of it. Google Ads are just a pure direct marketing play. You do what you think is right. Test that against an alternative version. Prove that the alternative is better or what you think is better and keep testing and learning and understanding and tracking properly.
  4. To know what works and what doesn’t and related to the time is just not enough budget allocation so better to spend less early to learn how it works and make sure that you’re doing the right things that are effective rather than roaring in and blowing all your budget and finding you don’t get a decent outcome.

Those are the mistakes I often see and that lead people to say “I tried it didn’t work for me”, “It was no good” – I think that’s a shame and they are missing out on the benefits of a well run Google Ads account.

Google Ads For Carpet Cleaners: 8 Areas To Focus On

So let’s go through some of the setup basics and I’ll explore these a little bit more in detail.

Critical to your success is keyword selection – choosing the right keywords the right trigger words for your ads is pretty important

A strong early focus on negative keywords. Negative keywords are effectively stop words that if someone types that into the search phrase you don’t want your ad to show for those now. It is not very hard to go through a list of potential keywords that Google throws up and you can decide ‘I don’t want to be seen for that’. For example carpet cleaning videos. You don’t want your ad being seen for that. You don’t need to wait until somebody types that in and then remove it you know ahead of time that that’s an ad a term that you don’t want your ads seen for.

The other thing that comes from this is that you need to make a relevant offer and focus on job size. The rules or AdWords are really the person who makes the most money out of the customer can afford to pay the most for the clicks and can afford to stay in the game for longer.

So if you’re running Google Ads and you’re doing cheap and offering low-cost cleaning options and doing a lot of small jobs AdWords probably won’t work for you because you just can’t afford to pay for the clicks against the guys who get more money out of the customer and do the up selling.

So part of that is is having an offer that doesn’t commit you to really low price and allows you to up sell when you get to the customer and extract more value out of them and allows you to keep the customer – that is you’re not finding people who go for cheap. Cheap is a problem because people who buy on price tend to leave on price as well. You want to have a better proposition and a better offer than that but that isn’t focused on that.

Use of ad extensions. I’ll show you some examples of that shortly. Ad Extensions makes your ads appear and bigger means that you’re much more likely to be have your ad seen and clicked on and therefore you know you do better and Google.

Related to that is writing good ads and ad testing. You should always write two or three versions of an ad for every keyword or ad group that you using. So you can work out which ones are working better and what’s messages and which approach is working better than the others.

It’s kind of like a champion/challenger thing you have a champion. You put another ad in as a challenger, you work out which one of those is working the best. Whether that’s the old ad or the new ad the best ad becomes the champion. You write another challenger.

So you’re testing your way to success as part of that process which is why it takes more than just a couple of weeks to get it right.

Location targeting is critical. I see this all the time where people aren’t targeting location properly and they’re getting clicked by consumers and users who are not relevant to their area and that ending up travelling all over the city. Or are they just wasting their money.

Landing pages are important as well. Don’t drive your visitors from Google ads to your homepage. Drive them from the ad to a page that follows the scent follows the message so I’ll show you an example of that shortly.

And build proper tracking in and what I mean by tracking is not just how much did it cost you per click it’s a lot more than that and I’ll show you the secret to success on that shortly.

Re rest of the video goes on to explain these 8 points

  • At 08:05 we discuss the difference between searcher intent for three broad search terms: Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Cleaning. This searcher intent has a significant impact on your likely success in generating profitable jobs.
  • At 11:05 we discuss negative keywords and using the examples carpet cleaner hire, free carpet cleaning and good carpet cleaner, I show what you should not be doing and how to fix it.
  • At 16:07 I discuss ad extensions and why they are important
  • At 16:40 I look more deeply into location targeting and show some examples of Google Ads that show up in Sydney when I type in Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.
  • I cover landing pages at 18:06. The key messages here are make landing pages that reflect the searcher intent and the query they typed in – it’s way more effective in converting the visitor than landing them on your website’s homepage.
  • Tracking sales to the keyword level is covered from 20:17. This is probably the most important area to focus on. Tracking things like impressions, clicks and phone calls or quote requests(which Google Call’s conversions) are useful as some info. But you really want to be tracking how many sales and your profits from keywords. We discuss how to do this with both phone calls and quote requests so you know what makes you money and can eliminate advertising on terms that don’t.

So Google ads are too important for you as a carpet cleaning business to ignore. And if you do it properly for carpet cleaners it will produce profitable carpet cleaning jobs and profitable longtime customers.

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