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SEO Ranking Factors In 2018

SEO Ranking Factors In 2018

People often ask me what are the SEO ranking factors in 2018. And they want to know how the “rules” have changed over the last few years. 

I sourced several good authoritative well-researched articles. I will go through those in this video so you can get a sense of the things you must do with your website and your online properties to rank yourself locally and possibly nationally.

So when we start looking at search engine ranking factors in 2018, there are two things to understand:  

  • Google doesn't really tell people what rules they use for ranking pages. Everybody is guessing. Some people can try to work out the main elements via analysis and from studies and testing. This is something these guys at Backlinko, Search Engine Journal and SEMRush and the ones I'm referring have done.
  • And the ranking algorithm keeps changing all the time. We need to keep up to date with the rules.
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The 5 R Marketing System In More Detail

The System In More Detail

When it comes to implementing the system, we do break some or the elements into sub groups, so we can:

  • Implement chunks as required by your business.
  • Do what's important first and start generating leads.
  • Implement in a logical order. For example some parts of the search engine optimisation process take 6-12 months to drive results, and most business need some results faster than that.

The short video below outlines the basic order of the steps.

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6 Tips To Convert A Plumber’s Mailbox Drop To An Effective Lead Funnel

6 Tips to convert a mail box drop to a lead funnel

Example Mailbox drop from a Sutherland Shire PlumberI got this in the letter box recently from a local Sutherland Shire plumber. It got me thinking about how a letterbox drop like this could be made more effective for this plumber, and for other home service business owners.

It could be a valuable lead and customer generating marketing activity.

Why Is It Important To Get Letter Box Drops Right?

Most plumbers, electricians, pest controllers, air con contractors, and other home services businesses,  rely on word of mouth referrals to get new customers. For many it’s their only source of customers. I believe you should have several lead generation engines that you can count on for growth over and above word of mouth referrals.  Letterbox drops could be an excellent way to get a flow of new leads into your business.Continue reading