CRM refers to customer relationship management (CRM). This refers to how businesses manage their existing customers by collecting data about them and usage habits and then building relationships with those customers. Marketing automation is a set of tools that helps companies to optimize sales funnel automation. These include lead nurturing, email marketing, customer communications, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marketing automation is a process of building loyalty and doing the business in a good honest way.
  • Marketing automation helps to grow the business and develop the trick of the business. Marketing automation can help close a sale when there‚Äôs no need for personal contact with a particular customer, b
  • CRM automation is engaging the customer Customers start their journey with marketing, but they continue it through the sales funnel with CRM automation, which guides them past the sale and into onboarding

“For example, you can use marketing automation software to send customers on your mailing list a welcome email introducing yourself and what you have to offer. The marketing automation software also collects their contact information for future campaigns.”

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