Building a business brand in a bubble may be a bad idea. It’s imperative to understand how your competitors and other businesses your target market are branding themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop your brand strategy to help make your brand stand out. First;
    – Pick a niche(s)
    – Define business and marketing goals
    – Conduct brand research
    – Highlight what makes it different
  • Next;
    – Think of the business as a person
    – Craft a great customer experience
    – Get involved with the community
    – Create a high-quality blog
    – Develop a visual identity
    – Unify social media
  • By shaping every aspect of your brand, you can have a positive impact on the perception and response of the audience, as well as improve your business’s advertising.

“In reality, your brand encompasses all the things that make you stand out from competitors as different.”

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