Most GMB (Google My Business) searches are category-based not business-specific. When a person googles a search they are not usually looking for a specific business. An example would be “plumbing contractors”. The search will list plumbing contractors and the end-user will then need to click on a specific one based upon their geographical area, price range etc. The study showed that 84% of GMB searches were by category, only 16% direct to a business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online local business searches are overwhelmingly discovery searches rather than direct business searches.
  • Three out of four local searches happen in search rather than through Google Maps.
  • Competition on discovery search is fierce, so it makes sense to build a brand with video or social and then gain direct searches.

“More importantly, BrightLocal said that “only 5% of views [in Google search/Maps] result in an action””

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