Successfully competing online is actually NOT an uphill battle with ice skates. It is an arena where the average Joe and Jane can succeed even with all the Larger sites as competition.

First, sort out the Home Base. Clean up your code by making sure it adheres to the current IT conventions so that communicating with the greater internets is smooth and efficient.

Secondly, look at your competitive cohorts. What are they doing wrong? That’s a good starting place. Figure out how to use those flaws and make them the strengths of your company. Also, set those links up. Be sure to get good web coverage by getting hard-line links from other sites. Don’t just hope that your traffic will get noticed by the Omnipotent google algorithm. Be proactive with your links.

Lastly, don’t cheat the system. Let others around you get their hands dirty with spam and massive looped traffic packages. Follow the rules and do your own thing. Make sure your content is geared towards the audience you want to reach. With a polish to the site, interested people will find you. If you build it right, they will come.

Key Takeaways:

  • All competitors will have areas of weakness. Instead of competing against a competitor in the arenas where they focus lots of time and energy, carve out a space where they don’t spend tons of time.
  • Basic SEO best practices, like linking to other credible sites from yours, having others that link to you, and maintaining your own analytics, are non-negotiable and necessary.
  • It’s far more likely for sites to have received high rankings on Google because they’re doing well with their SEO than that they have faked their ranking or been rewarded for scam practices.

“If you don’t have your own basics taken care of, you will fail, no matter how much you copy what your successful competitor is doing.”

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