Deciding what to do with local marketing is easy(ier) when you know how potential customers find, engage with and become customers of your plumbing, pest control, electrical or other home services type business.

This video outlines a number of paths to buying for your business.


Developing A Local Marketing Strategy

So when we're developing a local marketing strategy and a local SEO strategy we need to think about how someone who is a prospect for your business becomes a customer.

And at this example, I'm going to use an example of someone who could potentially become a customer of a carpet cleaning business.

Your typical potential customer of a carpet cleaning business can fall into really two core categories.

If you just spilt red wine on your carpet, it needs to be cleaned up. You might want to hire a carpet cleaning service. And if you do want to hire a carpet cleaning service you're not going to be hanging about. You're going to actually be looking for a solution pretty quickly.

Solution Seekers

I call these people Solution Seekers. They're out there seeking a solution to the problem right now.

And when they go out and look for a solution they almost invariably, 98 percent of them, go online these days. 

When they go online they see:

  • Ads,
  • Websites
  • Directories,
  • Google My Business listings,
  • Review sites, and
  • They'll see things like aggregators such as Yelp or similar.

So let's have a look at that. I've just done a search for carpet cleaning service, and the first things that come up the first four items that come up are listings of Google AdWords.

Carpet Cleaning search results

Top of the search results page showing Ads, Google My Business listings and then organic search results

So that's the first thing that someone sees.

And while they have a little box they're marked Ad lots of people don't actually understand that those are actually ads and they click on them anyway.

Then the second thing that comes up is the Google My Business listings. These show the maps, and it shows the top three ranked carpet cleaning services with review stars and directions to their websites. And that kind of thing.

Then after that what shows up is actually businesses websites.

So we can see here some Web sites one of which has got some star ratings beside it. And right down the bottom here we can see one directory Gumtree and then some more ads.

And if I change the search here slightly to "carpet cleaning Sydney", one of the aggregators comes up.

Oneflare shows up on the search result page so you can see that the result page is made up of some different types of entries.

Showing the presence of directories and aggregators in the search results

Your local marketing job is to be present and get your website up here, visible to customers when they're actually doing their searches.

Problem Aware

Now if we take our other group of customers who just have a carpet that's generally looking a bit grubby and no necessity to solve the problem today, we are facing a different issue with this group of people.

I'm going to call these people Problem Aware. They're aware of the problem that the carpet is a bit grubby, but actually, they're not worried about it right now.

They have too many other things on their plate, it's not a high priority, and they're busy dealing with other things in life. And in reality, they're not looking for a solution.

They may come across a solution while they're on Facebook, while they're watching YouTube, while they're reading another website from place to place.

Target Via Display Advertising

Because you can advertise against this group of people in the same way that people used to advertise on TV or in magazines, so that when someone knows they've got a nagging problem and they see a solution, they go "Oh yeah I might just get that solved.

Now the other alternative for these people who are not looking for a solution is that they may get triggered to look for a solution.

So for example, if your carpet's looking a bit grubby and suddenly half your family's coming around for a social evening or Christmas. Then you might want to get the carpets cleaned and get the problem solved. 

Website Display Ads

Display ads on Facebook

So a trigger event may cause that.

The marketing job here is twofold, it's to create awareness of your business as a potential solution to their problem and to be present when they're triggered so they have your business in mind or at least you're around when the choice process starts to happen.

Now if you can get hold of these people before they're actually triggered and before they start the who buying process, then you're in a much better place than if you're leaving it till they become a Solution Seeker.

That's because then you're competing with everybody else in the marketplace for those customers at that time.

So the essential job of local marketing local or SEO whatever you want to call it - (SEO is just marketing) - is actually the task of building local visibility for your business. That's because when you've got the local visibility you get traffic to your website you get leads, you get customers.

And you can't run a business without a flow of traffic coming to your website or your social media properties and then converting into customers you want to find out more about how to do that.

If you want to know more about this, just contact us, and we can explain further. 

So What?

In local marketing, you have to reach people when they are either searching for solution seeking or you need to generate awareness of your solution that addresses the problem they are aware of.

This means you need to consider the following elements in your marketing mix:

  • Local Google Adwords search ads
  • Google My Business listings
  • Business listings with directories and aggregators
  • Getting reviews on Google and other listings
  • Your website showing up on Google's organic search results
  • Local display advertising via Google, Facebook and other channels like YouTube where your target market hang out

If you want to know more about any of this, just contact us, and we can explain further.

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