Structuring your website is vital for visitors.  If it is clutered and not interlinked, navigation issues will arise and it will turn off potential visitors from buying your products/services or from visiting your website. A cluttered and disorganized website that is improperly structured may prevent search engines from being able to pick up links
on your website too. You should visually map out your goals and how you want your website to be laid out, so you ensure it is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Key Takeaways:

  • A solid website structure is a must-have when you’re about to launch a new website or redesign the current one. The bigger your website is, the more critical it becomes.
  • Website structure is how your site is organized and webpages interlinked. Having a logical site structure helps visitors and search engines easily find and navigate content while improving conversions
  • The time investment and complexity of creating a website structure depend on two things: How big your website is and will be and whether you have keyword research ready or not.

“Whichever site you visit, the process is roughly the same because this structure leads to a great user experience.”

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