SERPS which stands for Search Engine Results Pages are the most relevant webpages for internet users especially people interested in marketing their products. This is because SERPS determines how highly relevant your business has been sourced on the internet. If a business is willing to survive for the long term, appraise the popularity of its business tools using SERPS is very fundamental. The SERPS basically contains an answer box, a knowledge card, a panel and also an image pack. People Also Ask (PPA) is usually located at the end of SERPS to query the user on other related issues to the question he or she asked. Marketers can appraise their business popularity by using the SERPS analysis. This analysis runs from 1-100. With the best rank of popularity 100 while 1 is the least popular.

Key Takeaways:

  • The search engine results page is the most important thing for a marketer.
  • The search engine results page is what a user sees when they do a search.
  • A knowledge card is a direct answer to a question that a user has asked.

“Building your organic SEO strategy can help your pages rise on the SERPs”

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