A Google My Business (GMB) listing is not only convenient for getting information on a local business, it is also often the single form of online marketing for a small business. Inversely, getting a GMB listing suspended can devastate traffic to a local company. Perhaps the most common reasons for a GMB listing suspension are errors related to the reported address. Other reasons don’t always make sense but can be avoided, such as making too many updates to the GMB profile at once. Still other causes may be completely out of the business owner’s control, including bugs and small changes by Google itself. The Google My Business Help Center is a resource available if owners have questions about their account being suspended, but the best course of action is to understand these common reasons for suspension and avoid a deactivated account in the first place.

Key Takeaways:

  • You should check often to be sure your listing isn’t suspended
  • Sometimes you don’t even know that account has been suspended.
  • There are clear reasons why accounts get suspended and you need to know them

“In fact, for a large group of small businesses, a GMB profile is their only form of internet marketing.”

Read more: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/why-did-my-google-my-business-listing-get-suspended/392401/

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