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I’m often asked by clients ‘Why do I need a Google account for all this and what is it”? 

They say I don’t want another email account?

Well here's why you need one and how to go about setting it up.


Access, Management And Control Your Assets

You need a Google account to access Google's online Google applications like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Google Search Console, Google My Business Manager and Google Ads. 

It's important to have a Google account because it allows you to link all your Google services to each other and transfer them from one agency to another or let others work on your accounts without having your logins.

Three Ways To Create A Google Account

There are three ways to get a Google account. You can:

  1. Start a free based Google account
  2. Use an existing email address to operate as a Google account - that can be any other email address you already own like a Yahoo or Microsoft or mac mail address.
  3. Create and pay for a Google workspace  (G suite) account  for a domain name you already own

Gmail Account

A Gmail account is a free Google account. It has an email address that ends in @gmail. com. People who use Gmail can likewise access Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendar. The account allows access to other Google applications like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize & & Google Search Console.

Create A Google Account Using Another Email Address

A Google account does not always end with @gmail. com. For instance, a user can sign up for a Google account with a or email address. Using this account you can create, modify, and work together on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize and Google Search Console etc without using Gmail.

Use Google Workspace

A Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account is the paid variation of a regular Google account and includes more security and functions. Organisations, nonprofits, academic facilities and governments usually utilise Workspace to work together with their coworkers and stakeholders. A manager or administrator will provide you with your own e-mail address to gain access to all of the functions within Workspace. This is especially important for separating your personal and job-related correspondences.

Google workspace accounts are a bit like Gmail for business. the key difference is that they use a domain name that you own instead of email address base address that is as your email address, and not

We use Google workspace for our emails on the LeadFuse domain and I can highly recommend it.

We would recommend using Google workspace accounts as the main email tool on your domain instead of using Microsoft mail or server-based email.

Over To You

It doesn't really matter which approach you use.  But you do need one of these three versions in order to access and own the relevant Google applications that we will be using with you to support your online marketing.

We create Google application properties for you and you continue to own these.  We access them as a user so that you always have control of them. If you need help choosing or setting up one of the options, we can help with that for a small fee or you can 'Google it' to find the answers for the version you want to use.

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