Snail and metaphor for slow page speed

Speed is essential in the workplace and in our, every day lives. Whether we are running late to a meeting to picking up our kids from daycare, time and speed are important. This ties into the theme of this article, as the author Chad Kearns states that you could improve your overall site hits and traffic with the utilisation of how fast a page would load. Essentially, this exposure would lead to an inevitable growth of the expansion of this web page.

Key Takeaways:

  • Site speed optimization is helpful to the goal of increasing ad revenues.
  • Marketing success undergoes improvement for fast-loading websites because browsers stay in your media space longer.
  • Website traffic rises when site speed is higher than the competition.

“Page speed impacts every on-site strategy, tactic, and metric that marketers are focused on today, and the infrastructure of your site is foundational to your marketing stack.”

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