Businesses With A Higher Purpose Also Increase Profit

Good will get you everywhere. While the mantra of the 80s was “greed is good,” modern companies need to change their mantra and tactics to meet the demands of their clients. Today people want you to do social change, whether broad strokes on the environment or local things in how you give back, but those social focuses need to be there to be a modern and effective company that will attract gen y and z customers for years to come.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key to business success is to be socially and culturally responsible to everyone you conduct business with.
  • There are statistics that prove that companies who are supporting good causes while making money at the same time are preferred by global customers.
  • Being socially responsible is in vogue and should not be ignored. Customers will flock to companies who are good in the heart and in business acumen.

“In all cases, the transformation starts with placing leaders with a purpose at the core, hiring talent with a purpose at the frontier, and then building and extending the culture of purpose both inside and outside the organization.”

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Hendrik Vos is a director of Lead Fuse, a digital agency that specialises in marketing for businesses who service homeowners and rely on repeat business from those homeowners. The proprietary 5R marketing strategy used by Lead Fuse is perfect for these business types. And because it pulls a number of marketing levers, is guaranteed to increase sales and profits for businesses that use it.

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