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​Reputation Marketing and Optimisation

Word of mouth is so important to nearly all business owners, especially those dealing with consumers. It's no different for Plumbers, Electricians, Air Conditioning Contractors and others who supply services to home owners. 

Today it's common to see on Facebook "does any one know a good plumber?". Word of mouth has moved online. Good reviews and a positive online reputation help convert visitors and leads to customers. It's a foundation for your success.

  • 72% of consumers check reviews before making purchases.
  • Seventy percent of online consumers trust unknown users, people we don’t even know, while only 14% of online consumers trust advertising, so there’s a huge gap between the advertising we’re doing to get customers and how people trust that vs. the reviews of other people.

So what are your customers saying about your business? Do you have any way of knowing what they are likely to be saying and how satisfied they are with your work? Are you proactively collecting reviews?

Reaching Your Target Market

What are you doing to ensure that more people know about you today than yesterday?

If you want to consistently and reliably grow your business, you need to make sure more people know more about you today than did yesterday.

Online marketing is one of the most cost effective and measurable marketing activities you can do. And it works.

Is your pipeline-filling activity proactive, effective and ongoing or is it like most businesses - scatter-shot and random?

Retention and Reselling

It's easier to sell to customers and former customers, but too often, home services contractors assume the customer will call them of they need them. Not if they don't know about you...and a fridge magnet won't cut the mustard these days​.

There is one vital thing to understand about retention and resale. Businesses who keep thier customers for longer and make more money from the customers they have win the marketing battle.

This is because they can pay more to get a new customer and if you can pay more to get a new customer you can make almost any marketing channel work for you.

​What are you doing to retain, up-sell, cross sell and repeat sell to your customer base so you can maximise their lifetime value?

Referrals: Friends Referred By Friends Make Better Customers

If you are doing a great job taking care of customers and keeping them happy, you can maximise the benefit of this by having systems in place to make it easy for people to refer your business.

Even if customers are happy with your business, if you leave it to chance, very few people will give your business a referral unless directly asked. ​

Moving from passive referral collection to putting in place a proactive referral system will grow your business at low cost. Referrals are low cost marketing where your customers do the work for you. And, several studies have shown referrals are much 3x easier to convert stay with you longer and buy more​ (2x the life time value) - this is mostly due to the social proof of the referral.

​What is your home services business doing to use your successful relationships to create new, organic opportunities so that you can spend less and make more?

Reporting: What Gets Measured Gets Managed

If you are looking to build profitable marketing systems, you need to measure important things such as the cost of getting a customer (by marketing channel), the life time value of a customer, the flow of leads, conversion rate and marketing effectiveness.

You also need to be using the sophisticated online marketing techniques such as conversion testing, lead scoring, market segmentation and lead nurturing, marketing and sales funnel performance. This is all so much easier and lower cost these days.  

It's Time To Go All In!

​Just using and optimising one of these systems will get your business rolling and help you grow past one truck and the apprentice into a fully fledged competitive operation. This is a proven marketing system, putting all the elements into play, will grow your business by 25% or more in the next 12 months.

​Is someone helping you build and optimise these business areas?

If, like most business owners, you are up to your neck in activity already you're probably not going have the time and capacity to optimise the 5R's.

You have three essential choices:

  1. Do nothing and get the same results you have always been getting.
  2. Give up some work so you can focus on this.
  3. Get a friendly expert (like us) to help you!​

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