Right Focus

Strategy Before Tactics - That's The Foundation Of Our System

Steps - Strategy Before Tactics

Companies often come to us looking for help with tactical things like "Can you fix my website?" or "Do you do Google Ads?".

These tactics might be the right thing to do and produce positive ROI, but what is really needed is a marketing strategy first.

For example, we see things like this a lot on the side of many home services businesses trucks..."We specialise in Domestic and Commercial", that's not specialising at all.  

Without a strategy, it's easy to chase after the next tactic someone calls you about...SEO this quarter, Adwords the next, let's try Facebook marketing. It likely means you are wasting money and getting mad with suppliers who let you down. Let me turn it around:

  • Assume for a moment you are getting married soon. You need a photographer. Who are you going to choose? A photographer or a specialist wedding photographer?
  • Assume you own a 4WD and you want to start taking it off road through the outback. Are you going to your local garage for the set up and trip preparation or a 4WD specialist?

Marketing is done in a competitive environment and that means you need to take time to consider three main things:

  1. Who is your ideal customer and what is the type of work you want?
  2. What truly makes your business attractive to that customer? How are you valuable to your customer?
  3. Can you answer the question "Why should I choose to use your business over and above all the other options that are available to me?"

Once you get clear on that, marketing gets much more effective and profitable.

If you having problems with getting know, getting customers, keeping customers and maintaining margins? That's likely because you are doing tactical marketing without a strategy.

That's why we work on the strategy first and tactics second. It's part of getting the right focus so your business goes in the right direction all the time

Right Focus

A  Customised Analytics And Reporting Dashboard for Your Business

Picture of a sample reporting dashboard

We are totally transparent about our marketing support for your business. You will know what's going on.

We are essentially direct marketers with experience in your market. And while we have the experience┬áto know where to start…we are also constantly surprised by the results of conversion and split tests we carry out.

These teach us that we can rely on the data and testing to get you to an optimised position on every campaign.

So we try to track everything – so we know what’s going on with your prospects, customers and former customers and how they react to offers, ads, content, emails and the like. We are a data driven operation – the data does not lie and is much more helpful than opinions.

We are also totally transparent in our activities. We believe in helping you understand what is going on with your online marketing.


All Your Important Numbers In One Place

There is no need to fly blind and not know what we are doing and what is going on. It’s all on one dash board. You won’t need to spend time logging into all your range or reporting systems and apps to keep an eye on your key performance indicators. With your dashboard, you can access your data on one place. On any device and whenever you want.

Intelligent Insights

We try to pull the most actionable information from your connected tracking devices and data sources so it’s easy to get a handle on what’s happening (or not) so you can more easily manage your business – and us.

Monitor your Marketing Channels.

Monitor all your marketing channels like Google search, SEO, PPC advertising, banner advertising, email and social media from one place. Get to know what your marketing ROI is for each channel and campaign. Really understand where you can spend more and where you should be cutting back.


If you want to know what's going on with your marketing and what your digital agency is doing for you. And if you want to implement all or part of the 5R  Marketing System so your business can grow in a consistent, reliable and profitable way by up to 3x more every year, start here with a free 5R Strategy Session.

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