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Will They Find You When They Need You?

You probably know that most people go online to search for local businesses. In fact, according to Google 97% of them do. More than 90% of Australians use the Internet on a regular basis. Unlike the rest the world Australia seems fascinated with using Google. According to, 95% of Australia web searches are carried out on just one search engine – Google. 

Use Google For Searching

Yellow Pages - On The Decline

The Trend Is Down

In a 2014 article the ABC said: "Fast forward from 2005 to now, and the Sensis business (the producer of the Yellow Pages) has been overshadowed by the lightning fast expansion of online search engines and dozens of tablet applications in which algorithms "do the walking" rather than the Yellow Pages."

That trend to online vs yellow pages will likely have continued driven by mobile search.

Does Your Business Have Visibility On Google?

The facts above are clear. If you want people to know about your business, you to be on search engines. Especially on Google.

That's because increasing visibility on Google increases specific traffic to your website. If you bring more targeted traffic to your website, you get more leads, customers, and sales. It's that simple.

Getting good rankings on Google will drive the results of your business. Good Google rankings can turn you from an also ran into a top-ranked business.

Google Logo with magnifying glass to improve visibility

Visibility On Googe

Ranking Matters

66 %
Clicks to first 5 listings

You've heard it before from the SEO people who that phone you. ranking matters and perhaps your website could be ranking better. It's true though. People are lazy when they search on Google.

When presented with a page of search results, 71% of the clicks go to the businesses listed on the first page. Page two and three get a measly 4.6% of the clicks. Most people only focus on the few results. An Optify study in 2014 showed that the first five results account for the thirds of all the clicks on page 1.

Listings from 6 to 10 get only 3.7% of the clicks.

So the upshot of this is if you're below position number six on the first page you may as well invisible

Social Media

You have no doubt noticed that the usage of social media has rapidly gone up.

There are now 13 million Australians active on Facebook each month. And we Australians are some of the heaviest users of the Facebook in the world. Old news maybe, yet it's important to remember that this shift has happened only in the last few years.

A recent Nielsen report commissioned by Facebook showed;

  • 60% of people who learned about a new product on Facebook would go and find out some more about that.
  • One in three people would share the information about a new product or service with their friends.

Facebook, in particular, but social media, in general, is an important source of leads and customers in today's online environment. Not only that but, social media is high engagement. And it's likely your customers are on some one or more social networking sites.

They will be liking, tweeting, sharing, following, hashtaging, fanning, uploading and doing everything that can be done with the sites.

Unfortunately, it means more work, because you have to meet your target market where they are.

13 million
Australian Facebook users

Mobile and Connected 24 /7 

71 %
Mobile clicks lead to action

70% of all mobile searches lead to action within 1 hour

Most (about 85%) Australians now have smartphones. In the US, people spend more time on smartphones than they do on a desktop computer.

You only need to look around you to see so many people with iPads, smart phones, Kindles and the like. Trends like this are strong. It is nearly impossible to overestimate the effect of the mobile computing revolution.

A study done by Asymco showed that people have taken up the technology of mobile phones faster than the technology of any other household item,

And, according to Google 71% of all mobile searches lead to an action within one hour of the search. People are looking for businesses like yours on mobile and want to act on the results they get.

The future of web is clearly tied to tablets , Smartphones and other mobile gadgets. More and more people who come to your business website will do so using small-screened devices instead of using a hulking laptop of desktop.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

If you want your website to help you grow your business, then it should work on many platforms especially the Smartphones.

Google tells us that 6 in 10 smart phone users will leave a website if it does not support small screens.

When our business website looks cramped and hard to read on a Smartphone or a tablet, your potential customers will leave. And go to your competition.

So What Are You Doing To Improve Your Businesses Reach On These Channels?

If you want to grow your business, the obvious question is: What can you do to make sure more people get to know about your business today than yesterday?

If you don’t have marketing channels in place that allow you to grow your customer base, it’s going to be very difficult to grow your business.

You might think this is obvious.

Yet lot of local business owners that don’t make any effort to promote their business or services.

From our view, the pipeline filling activities of many local businesses are mostly random, scattershot and every once in a while.

Why is that?

Well, I don’t know for sure. I think it’s because many businesses are sceptical about marketing. Perhaps it’s because they don’t know that their campaigns are delivering a positive ROI.

It’s very rare to see a business with a set of profitable, systematic, coordinated and data-driven marketing systems.

Systems that reach people who are interested in what they are offering and convert them to customers.

Do you want more than a job in your business?

There is some good news about that.  You only need to get going, and your business will thrive vs. your competition.

You can develop profitable marketing systems that grow and add value to your business so you may be to sell it in the future.

Developing Marketing Proceeses
Marketing Funnel

Do you need to build profitable marketing systems?

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